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Min 10 guests • Buffet takeaway

Our very popular buffet dishes, without the hassle of buffet setups.

Starts from $12

/ guests

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Buffet details


We provide tables to accommodate all dishes and food ware. Tableware and glassware can be arranged as a special request.

Plates, cutlery and cups

We provide adequate disposable biodegradable plates, cutlery and cups for all guests.

Set up & Teardown time

Set up will be 1 hour before serving time.
tear down will be Around 2 hours and 15 minutes from event time (latest 10:30PM).

What others are saying about Grain

Michael Cheung

Idy, Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC)

I travel to Singapore quite often for business and I've always find it challenging to eat clean during my stay. Ordered my first meal today and I must say it was delicious. You know exactly what you're eating and it's very macro friendly. My order came on time and the meal was still relatively warm. Will definitely be ordering more in future.

Cephas Ng


One of the best selections of food I've ever eaten as an individual meal or at an event. The team has been really thoughtful about the food they prepare, there wasn't a single bad dish.

Rialyn Fae


The food is really good and there's a great variety. Not only is their service great, but what's even better is that all the utensils they use are biodegradable. Say yes to sustainable living!


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+65 3163 5335

How it works

Full buffet setup

Buffet takeaway

Takeaway containers

Our Buffet To Go / High Tea To Go is delivered in microwavable & disposable containers.

Plates, cutlery and cups

We provide adequate disposable biodegradable plates, cutlery and cups for all guests.


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Cancel your plan 3 days before renewal date. Just drop us a message at . Cancellations will take effect on the next billing date. After cancelling your plan, you may continue using your promo codes before they expire.

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Subscription fees will be charged to your credit card every month. You will receive an email reminder 5 days before each renewal.

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I chose the wrong plan. Can I get a refund?

If you haven’t used any promo codes, you can get a refund by dropping us a message at Plans are non-refundable once you have used at least one promo code. 

I have used up all my promo codes, can I purchase a second plan?

Each plan is designed to be used over one calendar month. Once you have used up all your promo codes, please wait for the next month to get a new set of promo codes.

When will my promo codes expire?

All promo codes expire one month from date of subscription.

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